Authenticity blooming

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There is beauty in vulnerability. Especially when it’s raw honesty waiting for acceptance and validation. How my expectations hang in the air once the words hit the page. A vision as intangible as the air itself. It now has some kind of form. Now it can be read, felt and seen. My hope is to have someone feel everything that I am feeling. To embrace my stories whether they be in my blog entries or the fictional stories archived here. There is a strong desire to go into the depths of the heart, body, and soul. I pray that I’m strong enough to be able to write everything out bravely.

If I can’t say it in my blog that is deeply personal maybe I can say it through a story. Some aspects are fact and some fiction. Some are a perfect blend of the two. All I know is that I’m blossoming into the woman that I have always been but have been too afraid to show. There are many things that I may not be able to say out loud. However, by the power of authenticity my voice will be glorious and powerful through the written word.

For many decades I have been afraid to see myself honestly. All my decisions have been made with great love. Many made with someone else’s wellbeing in mind. I tried fitting myself into everyone else’s mold. Chaining myself to the impossible prison of perfection. So, what is left over? What is real? What does God truly want from me? In the end what matters? Over the years I have found that being completely honest with myself and showing up in my authenticity is what matters. Who am I to know what God thinks? Maybe He/She wants me to display all my colors unashamed. So the journey begins. Through the stories and entries my hope is to bloom beautifully. We only have a short time on this earth. I might as well be real. God, thank you for making me so multidimensional like a diamond. When light touches it colors display brilliantly for a moment. I’m taking that moment and treasuring it.


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