The Beauty of Isolation & Social Distancing

So many of us have been ordered to stay home to protect each other. While it can be difficult to distance yourself since we are such social creatures the benefit in the end will show us it’s fruits. I work in healthcare and I’m going out to help the community by being a certified nurse’s assistant helping wherever I can in the hospital. The time spent at home has helped my personal growth greatly. It also has strengthened my relationship with my husband. I have more time to be a conscious pet parent to my cat. I have become more comfortable with the person I am and who I am becoming. In fact, I’m happier. Dare I say I’m joyful during a pandemic?! I may be self isolating and practicing social distancing while out but I’m actually happy. I hope while you’re living through this that you can find joy even if it’s just for a moment. My prayer is that you are protected and held.

Remember, it’s a beautiful world. Take a closer look. Open up your heart and trust.

Much Love and Light,

Raven Reina


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