Nothing Personal

Human beings are interesting. I have always been a sensitive soul. My uncle growing up would advise me to have a tougher skin. To tell you the truth I haven’t lost my sensitivity. As my journey of personal growth has progressed I have noticed that my sensitivity is a strength not a weakness. There is no need for a tougher skin. More so a smooth skin. One that allows comments, energies , and behaviors to slide right off of me. Recently, I had an experience where I’m observing and inclusive of this individual. She has an abrupt manner and her voice is clipped naturally. You can’t change people. She can come off as cold. In fact, most of the time I feel like I am in her way or not worthy to be in her presence because she has a dismissive manner too about her. I know not all of this is totally true. She is a caring individual and is a sensitive soul as well. It’s hard not to take things personally. Very hard. Especially since I gravitate towards people opposite of me and want to have them like me. Can’t force anyone to like you too. So, what do I do with all of this? I know not to change and for me not to wish her to change. Simply enjoy the differences and lean into the discomfort. I also know to let whatever energies she is giving off and behaviors she is displaying play out and let her be. That gives me a sense of enormous freedom. I am grateful for my sensitivity and also my open mind. Have you experienced this before? If so, how did you handle it?


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