Your family doesn’t always have to be the ones you share DNA with. It can be a work family. It can be a church family or a support group. What these families have in common are a common bond. This bond simply put is called love. It can bring a diverse group of people together. Love is like light. There is no darkness. So, if you’re questioning if there is love in these groups there is. No matter how great or small. Darkness is just the absence of light. There are some extreme cases where abuse is involved where you can’t tell someone that there is love there. So, we are strictly speaking about families that don’t have abuse in them.

I wanted to talk about families today because I notice how beautiful my family is. It’s a small one. It consists of me, my husband, and our two cats. Yes, the cats are included too. We live a simple and peaceful life. Jesse and I both work. The cats are the spoiled ones. They are cute enough so I guess it’s okay that they mooch off of us.

I appreciate the families that Jesse and I are part of. His family and mine. Ours are very different. My side of the family the majority of them are Republicans while his side are mainly Democrats. Both families have a Christian base. I have found over the years that my family have spread out when it comes to faith. My view is more liberal and New Age while my cousins are more mainstream Christian. On my inlaw’s side I’ve noticed that my mother-in-law is more of a Mindful Christian. She seeks peace and does meditative activities.

It goes to show that our families are diverse and that’s where you can find the beauty. What are your thoughts on the group of people you call family? Remember, it doesn’t have to be genetic.


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