Timelines & Divergency

While working yesterday I was thinking about social expectations. How we are guided to have an education, get married, have children, buy a house and car. A multitude of things. What if some of the paths someone has taken diverges from the social norms? What if those paths lead to happiness and fulfillment? For example, I loved school as a child. I liked learning and socializing. I was expected to go to college. That was the natural choice. I had considered a technical school but I wanted to aim high. So, I went to college. Due to health issues I didn’t stay. So, I went into a vocational school and found my passion. I didn’t graduate with a degree like expected and ended up with a lot of student debt.

I found the love of my life and got married. I could have easily just lived with my partner and forget the paperwork. However, for me, marriage is something as a child I dreamed of. As a child I pretended to be pregnant with my cousin at the same time. We stuffed pillows under our shirts and pretended to carry a baby. Once I was married I found out how much fun it is to be an adult and to be married without children. My husband has chosen not to have children and due to health issues I found it best to not put myself through pregnancy. Also, I’m not the type of woman to go off birth control and say, “Ooops!” Nope. That wasn’t something I was going to put my husband through and our potential child. I don’t want a child to ever feel like they weren’t wanted. So, I have carefully chosen to be child free. My cats are my babies. They fulfill that nurturing part of me. I know cats aren’t the same as children. At times they do display childlike characteristics. They bring my husband and I joy.

Jesse and I are fortunate to have bought a house. We are officially home-owners. So blessed. So very very very blessed. We have our own cars. How fortunate to have these luxuries. So, to summarize I have followed some social norms and have diverged from some. I don’t think it’s wrong to diverge from social expectations in some scenarios. I do think some social norms are necessary.

Being a teacher’s daughter I believe education is important. I believe marriage is a sacred union of two souls. Having a house and car in this day in age is a necessity. Living is expensive. Having a life is expensive. There is so much work involved. The rewards after hard work is satisfying. How about you? Have you diverged from society’s expectations? Or have you checked off the list of social expectations? Just a thought my friends. A random thought while working yesterday. I hope you are well, dear reader. Take care. Blessings.

-Raven Reina Schochelton


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