Pexels photo online. Royalty Free image. Search Memories. Leah Kelley is the creator.

With loss comes appreciation for the person you hold in your heart. Grief has propelled me forward whether I want to go or not. Grief has taught me to look back on only the good memories and not the so-called bad ones.

I had a friendship with someone that I had to place strong loving boundaries with. It is not easy by no means to walk away. It’s taken me years because this person is so dear to me. However, if it comes at the cost of my overall peace that signaled to me it was time to leave. I hold on only to the good memories of us. I place this person in my heart and now am moving on. Holding onto memories can be so healing.

Have you had a similar experience? What are your thoughts?

With much Love, Light and Joy,

Raven Reina Schochleton

Remember, it’s a beautiful world. Take a closer look. Open up your heart and trust.

Raven Reina

(Channeled message in bold.)


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