Happy Mother’s Day!

Image is from Pexels.com. Photo taken by Andrea Piacquadio.

I love this image because it shows an older mother and daughter.

Over the years I have seen my relationship with my mother change over time. We have had our ups and downs. Like any relationship there will be mountaintops and valleys. I have to say, my mom is the best mom I could ever ask for and more. Her compassion is overflowing, and her wisdom is just as abundant. Unfortunately, when I was younger, I didn’t heed all her warnings. I have to also admit that I still do that but with less energy as before. My mom is usually right. She is the greatest mother, teacher, and most dynamic woman I have ever met. She is soft and strong and also very brave.

My mom was a grade schoolteacher. Not an easy job. She had to connect with children and also make sure the lessons were taught. I know I couldn’t command a whole classroom and be patient plus compassionate at the same time. I’m a nurse’s assistant and I’m so much more comfortable around my adult patients than children. I adore children but to discipline them and teach them would be a challenge for sure. I digress.

When I say dynamic describing my mom I mean she’s a positive person. Sure, she has her lows and negativity just like any other person. However, I rarely see that side. She keeps it inside. Her mantra that has served her well is, “Stay positive”. It has surely served her well. When she’s ill or has unfortunately suffered she still manages to smile and have a positive attitude.

As a mother she nurtured me and also encouraged autonomy. She strikes a beautiful balance between the two. When I would fall as a child, she would encourage me to get back up but did so with a loving and gentle voice. The voice of my mother and especially her loving heart will sustain me throughout all the years to come.

So, with this I’ll close this entry. What gifts has your mother given you?

Happy Mother’s Day!


Raven Reina Schochleton

“Remember, it’s a beautiful world. Take a closer look. Open up your heart and trust. “ (My channeled message.)


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