Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

My mom’s cat, Max, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Meaning, he passed away at the vet’s office today. It wasn’t my first experience having to put a beloved pet down. My cat Magic had to be relieved of her suffering due to her battle with cancer. This was my mom’s first experience having to put down her beloved companion. We knew it was time for Max to make his transition. He was 21.5 years young. He became incontinent missing the cat box by a few feet. Poor thing. He also had bad eyesight. Renal failure and asthma. He was her baby boy till the very end. The vet’s office was very accommodating and made sure he died peacefully. He was wrapped in a blanket. His soul soared back to heaven to watch over my mother and I. He was a Zen master. He taught us patience, faith and most of all love.

What have your pets taught you? Have you ever suffered a loss? What gifts did they leave behind for you to treasure?

“Remember, it’s a beautiful world. Take a closer look. Open up heart and trust.”

(My channeled message.)

Love, Light and Joy,

Raven Reina Schochleton


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